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Dec 9, 2019

How the experiences in your life can help you transition into new career stages that you could have never imagined before. How your frustration at work can turn into great satisfaction by following one simple process. How the concept of compassion can change your level of satisfaction and your life forever. My conversation with cancer researcher, inspirational leader and the author of the book The Fifth Revolution, Dr. Immanual Joseph.

To purchase Dr. Joseph's book titled "The Fifth Revolution: Reinventing workplace happiness, health, and engagement through compassion" click here:

Dr. Immanual Joseph, Ph.D., CPC is a former cancer drug discovery scientist, who chose to become an evangelist of human compassion in workplaces following a period taking care of people in end-of-life situations. Inspired by personal compassion experiences post- hurricane Katrina, Immanual created Compassion Leaders, a company that helps organizations solve human and business challenges through compassion training. His training curriculum, 'The 9-Pillars of Workplace Compassion', has been reviewed and praised by experts from Stanford and the Center for Positive Organizations. Companies across industries, from large IT organizations to Dental offices have experienced his transformational approach to creating compassionate cultures. He is currently on a mission to take his compassion training globally accessible.

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