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May 30, 2020

Beware of the biggest scam going on on social media during the coronavirus crisis. And they are not going after your credit card or your social security number... but something a lot worse. Do not miss this episode and let me know how you feel about this topic by sending me a DM @TheAlbertoSardinas.

Alberto Sardiñas is...

May 25, 2020

He is the son of Cuban immigrants and had a very humble upbringing. Now he is one of the country's leading heart-transplantation surgeons. He shares his most eye-opening stories, including the emotional side of helping patients with COVID-19, dealing with mental health issues in his own family and more. This is my...

May 22, 2020

The story of a man who is making several 14-hour journeys to bring supplies to his town of under 500 people. Listen to this very inspiring story from Gustavus, Alaska amidst the coronavirus pandemic.

May 18, 2020

Today on the show: My conversation with someone who is proof that everything is possible in life when you set your mind to it. At the age of 13 he wrote his first book. He is also a serial entrepreneur and shares with us how he has both failed and triumphed in his life. His most recent book is dedicated to the future of...

May 16, 2020

From a botched robbery to an opportunity to help others. Listen to the very inspiring, positive story that happened in The Colony, Texas amidst the coronavirus pandemic.